10 Best Car Accessories for Road Trip

10 Best Car Accessories for Road Trip

Planning to go on a long trip with your favorite car? Or are the guy who frequently go on long trip? If yes, we would like to suggest you some of the best car accessories for road trip. Check them all to make sure you have and don’t forget to take them with you while travelling.

Car Power Inverter with Plug and USB

If you have a laptop or any other electronic device that needs AC Plug to run, this is one of the most essential things you need. This BMK 200W Car Power Inverter offers AC power output with dual 110V AC outlets. It also has 4 USB ports (2.4A USB + 1.2A USB + QC3.0 + Type-C). 4 USB ports can charge your phones and tablets simultaneously. You can charge your Laptop, Gaming Console, Kindle, iPad etc.

Cigarette lighter socket is also available with this. the LCD screen shows the DC input voltage. It has a Built-in fuse to protect your devices.

Lumber Support Pillow

For a really long drive, you need Comfort. Your back needs the most of it. In regular seats of Cars, this is difficult to travel long distance without taking break. In that case, you need back support in your seats for more comfort and stability. 

This is a scientifically designed back support pillow that can help you to reduce the back pain and give extra comfort. It has the Dual Straps Design to Fix the Car Pillow in any car’s Driving Seat. The material is super easy to clean. Moreover, the seller gives 1 year guarantee for the product.

Travel Neck Pillow

This is one of the most common thing every traveler have. If you are travelling as a passenger, or you need a break in the middle of the journey, this can help you to have a comfortable nap. But sometimes your one may be lost of expired. If you need a new one, you can consider MZYSKJ Travel Pillow, made from 100% Pure Memory Foam.

It has the perfect curved shape design, which can give you maximum comfort. This is made best quality memory foam which is very durable.

Portable Tire Inflator

This is one of the most important things you should keep in your car before going on a long trip. This is not about enjoying, but about your safety. Sometimes your tire can be punctured and it is very much possible that you will not find any repair shops near you. In that case, this thing can save your life. We recommend you have it always in your car.

VacLife Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor can be a good choice for you. This auto tire air compressor can inflate your standard car tires in seconds. Plug it into the 12V power outlet in your car and attach the stem to the tire valve. One simple press on the car air compressor and it will do all the work for you. A great solution for emergencies on the way.

In our opinion, this item is very durable and also super easy to use. As it runs with your car’s power, there is no hassle of changing the battery like other inflators.

Air Freshener with Perfume

On a long road, you need to stay a long time in your car. You may feel a bit smelly and this can make your journey very inconvenient. You may need a bit of freshness to be fit. So, don’t forget to take an Air Freshener in your car while traveling. 

Ceeniu Smart Car Air Fresheners can be the best choice for you. In most cases, Car Air Fresheners need to be refilled frequently and this can be a very boring thing to do. This is very long-lasting and in your entire journey, you will not need to change it. 

The most amazing thing about Ceeniu car air freshener is that it has LIGHT and STRONG modes that can be adjusted according to your needs for fragrance. There’s also a SMART mode that only sprays when you’re driving.

You can also get a 1-year return guarantee and lifetime technical and after-sales support.

Car Trash Can

On a long road trip, trash can quickly pile up. In that case, you must need a “Trash Can” inside your car to make it clean and organized. 

KMMOTORS Foldable Hanging Car Trash Can has 3 gallons of capacity which help to stay organized and neat in your car. It also has a plastic board on the bottom to make it stronger and leakproof. It is made from high-quality durable material. 

Sleeping Bed for Back Seat

It is obvious that you will tired after driving for a long time. If you need to stay in highways, you can have a full backseat bed to have a sleep. If you have Children with you, they can even sleep while you are driving.

FBSPORT Bed Car Mattress is a great choice in this category. This is very lightweight air mattress. It is made out of PVC so it is also very durable. 

Traction Mats

If you are going through muddy or sandy roads on your way, you have to make sure that your vehicle can handle any situation. We recommend having a set of Traction Mats in your car. 

This Maxsa 20322 Metal Gripped Escaper Buddy Traction Boards can handle Mud, Sand, and even Snow. These are very strong as it was made from metal. The grip is also amazing that, it can support a Full-size SUV easily.

Rooftop Cargo Box

Roofbox is an amazing solution for those who like to go on long road trips, or camping trips. If you need to travel with a lot of large or heavy equipment that won’t fit in the trunk of the car, this can add extra space. Roofboxes can be added to any car, but you may need to take help from an expert. 

Thule is a preferred name when it is about Roofbox. This Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box is available in 6 different convenient sizes and you can also purchase it with their branded luggage. The design is Aerodynamic so it will not compromise your driving pleasure. 

Car Wash Kit for Complete Cleaning

After completing your long journey, surely your car is dirty now. It caught a lot of mud, dust, and many more things. Now it’s time to give it a good cleaning.

The Relentless 20 Pcs Drive Car Wash Kit is a great combo. It has Soap, Bucket, Cleansing Chemicals, Brushes, Towels and every single thing you need for daily wash of your car. They also have many customized option. 

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